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Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe it's been a year since we started! For our anniversary we've added 12-oz versions of our Ghost and Reaper blends in single and six-packs, including a large sampler pack. For our customers who buy a lot, you can save almost twenty percent with the six-pack options!

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First Orders

Everyone who has ordered product as of 10/13 has a labeled box ready to go out as soon as I have the FDA-approved product labels, which should be tomorrow. That means that everything should be in the mail Saturday morning. Sorry for the delay!

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We're Up!

We're very excited to be selling Hot Honey online! It will be a few days before our first labels arrive, but we're taking orders now! Please stay tuned for other products--there are a lot of ghost and reaper peppers on the plants almost but not quite ripe!

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